Cindy McLaren – Featured Artist

PAPA Gallery

October 2023


‘Art’ is within all of us, and is expressed in many forms. It is simply a matter of time and effort.

When a work provides an escape for both the artist AND the viewer, it has achieved its highest reward.

This is a collection of my works over the last four years. They appear in chronological order. Enjoy!


Charcoal, May 2019
Framed 22×16

‘Life Art’ meant it was time to draw. Ahhh! Drawing from life is the ideal setting to capture the spirit of the human figure. It is a captivating and real experience for both the model and the artist. What a wonderful way to learn to draw.

The Bartenders

Practice, Practice, Practice. In preparation for a live drawing event, I worked on this guy. I needed to get the timing right so that he would be completed in one hour.

This drawing was the first time I used a photo as a subject to draw. I liked the freedom of using a virtual model, as he was always right there when I needed him, never moved, and had no complaints. A different kind of adventure, and a different way to spend time drawing. As I practiced, I tried to simplify the figure and hoped to zero-in on the bartender’s focus and intent as he does his job.

Both are charcoal, Framed 11×14.

“My First Bartender”
July 2019
August 2019

“Jesse Hannah”

Charcoal, December 2019
Framed 17×22

My Mom wrote her name on the paper frame, which is all I know about her. She captivated me as I sorted through the family photo collection passed down from my parents. So, I drew her.

“Guy in Chair”

Charcoal, December 2019
Framed 14×19

How do you draw without drawing lines? One of the most perplexing tips I have tried to follow when drawing.

Drawn from Life at Two Doves Studio. An example of white charcoal on black paper.

“Down Time”

Charcoal, March 2020
Framed 18×15

The first time I drew on Dura-Lar paper, I used some tinted charcoal. Color is rare in my work, mostly because its too much trouble. I sure like the drawing surface! Drawing from life at Murray Art Guild.


Charcoal, April 2020
Framed 19×24

I decided to draw the Thinking Man reflecting on things, so I set this up. One challenge was to find a way to eliminate the background in order to see the subject clearly. This kinda got me started on photo work.


Photo (Self-Portrait)
July 2020
Framed 20×16

The large print of Marilyn has been with us for some time. In recent years, she moved to our studio and provided a nice place to reflect.

Conclusion? If your hair sticks up, embrace it!

“Mister and Missus”

Charcoal, November 2020
Framed 11×13

This sketch was in-between “Cindy’s Duprass” and “Another Duprass”. Trying to keep things simple, balanced, and black and white.

“Eye on the Ball”

Charcoal, June 2021
Framed 15×15

A pool player focusing on his objective drew me in. The inspiration came from Paducah Life Magazine, October 2020 edition. Many thanks!

One of my favorite ways to begin a drawing is by toning the paper with charcoal dust. I compare it to an etch-a-sketch. I use charcoal, my fingers, cloths, and erasing tools to shape, redefine and bring out the image… Or, wave my hand and start all over.

“Be an Artist”

Photo, October 2022
Framed 12×14

What makes your work art? Practice! It is the practice that I love. 

“My Last Bartender”

Ink on Dura-Lar
September 2023
Framed 11×14

He is down to the bare necessities now. 


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Enjoy Life ~ Enjoy Art!