Some history behind the “Duprass” series of paintings and drawings follows. When art makes a connection, it inspires!


Watercolor by John McLaren
Paper Size 7 1/2 x 12 1/4
Image Size 6×10
Framed Size 12 1/4 x 15 3/4
Painted February, 2019
Sold, 2021, Bardstown KY

Debut: Ice House Gallery, Mayfield KY, Impressions Art Show, November 2019

Artist Statement: The imaginary term, duprass, was first coined by Kurt Vonnegut in his book, Cat’s Cradle. Since reading this book, it left an impression on us and became a part of our vocabulary. Simply stated, it means Two People who are a Team of One.


Other Notes: this painting is framed in a simple wooden frame made by John and framed by Cindy. This was the first time pigment swatches were included in one of John’s framed watercolor pieces. This painting made a connection with a Bardstown couple, who touched our hearts, as well. Thank you for sharing your story Greg and Shell. Find comfort in this painting and pass it on.

“Cindy’s Duprass”

Charcoal by Cindy McLaren
Framed, 12 x 14
Drawn March 2020
Sold, 2020, Tennessee

Debuted: PAPA Gallery, June 2020

Notes: In the absence of “Duprass” (and Life Drawing), John challenged Cindy to create her own version. John suggested a photo with a couple dancing. It was one of the first drawings Cindy did without a model… a much needed project. 

It was really special to hear from Bonnie, who surprised the artist with her purchase of this sketch. She wanted the artist to know how this drawing captured her heart.

It is a priviledge to share a connection through art. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing yours.

“Duprass II”

Watercolor by John McLaren
Art, 9×12
November 2021

This one was inspired by Orville and Clara Higgenbotham, John’s West Virginia Grandparents.

“Duprass III”

Watercolor by John McLaren
Framed, 14×18

February 2022

“Another Duprass”

Ink by Cindy McLaren
Framed, 12.5×16

November 2020

Be a Team!

There may be more Duprasses in the future. Prints, and some originals, are available by request. Thank you for visiting!