“The Plot”, is a series of paintings with a familiar subject in John’s art: old men.

Cindy liked the ‘unfinished’ look of this one and framed it before John knew it, resulting in the Original “Plot”. John wasn’t so sure about that idea, so he tried some different approaches.

“Number Two”

Watercolor with fully completed background

“Number Three”

Pastel sketch with some ‘unfinished’ areas

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Number 4 incorporates John’s ‘frisket-signature’ for the first time in his watercolors. Number 5 and 6 are the results of practicing to complete the scene within an hour.

“Number 4”

“Number 5”

“Number 6”

“The Final Plot”

Watercolor by John McLaren
Art 9×7 | Matted 14×11

Presented at the Murray Art Guild Monster Draw, September 2019

The seventh, and ‘Final Plot’ was presented to the holder of the raffle ticket with John’s number on it. Both John and Cindy participated in this community art celebration in support of Murray Art Guild.

Cindy says: We like to practice and it is the ‘practice’ that we love.