John says: In a dream there was a woman looking over her shoulder at a man in a rowboat – as though there was a connection between them.  This theme is repeated in a number of my paintings, and I will often use it to test various dyads and triad color combinations.

Cindy says: The mini “Man in a Rowboat” is the first time that I remember a recognized shape as part of one of John’s pigment tests. The painting, “Balance of Color” started them all. 

“The Girl on an Island”

Watercolor, Framed, 13×10
January 2018

This watercolor sketch was the beginning of “The Man in a Rowboat” painting – a first draft of what John dreamed about. Cindy has a different name for this one, and it’s hiding under the mat.

“The Girl on the Sidewalk”

The first sketch for the final painting, this scene doesn’t include a rowboat. Sold 2020 at PAPA Gallery.

“The Girl on the Sidewalk” #2

“Balance of Color”

was inspired by a PAPA Challenge of the same name. These pigment tests started the mini ‘Man in a Rowboat’ series, a silhouette found in several of John’s paintings.

“Man in a Rowboat” Mini #1

Sold 2019 at PAPA Gallery.

“The Girl on the Sidewalk” #3

“The Man in a Rowboat”

Watercolor by John McLaren
Art 12 1/4 x 8 3/4
January 2020

The final version of “The Man in a Rowboat” took a different tack from the first draft. Now, we’re not sure if she knows he’s there.