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John and Cindy are ''teak souls" - a word we coined to represent ourselves as we moved aboard our live-aboard sailboat loaded with teak (our dream from the start of our togetherness).   Many boats have teak soles (floors), but ours had the two of us, and we both love teak, so .... there you go.

teaksouls.com began as the site of our adventures aboard "Alexandra", our heavy double-ended home on the ocean. Those wonderful days are now great memories and our web site became new.   If you are interested in what it's like to live on a boat or see some of the places we've been, please visit the original home of Teaksouls.

teaksouls.com now represents the works of John McLaren, Portrait and Figure Artist.  John has a passion for painting (people especially) and studies watercolor pigments in great detail.  Recently Cindy began drawing with John and her work is included in the 'Life Art' Slide Show which has the work of both artists.  John is the real artist and Cindy mats, frames, and shares his paintings with you (in other words, she is his trusty sidekick). 

Art is contagious ~ Art heals.  
Enjoy Life ~ Enjoy Art

See more about John and his art here!

We are both members of
  The Murray Art Guild, 504 North 4th Street, Murray, KY

  The PAPA Gallery, 124 Broadway Blvd, Paducah KY  
  The Icehouse Gallery, 120 North 8th St, Mayfield, KY

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