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PAPA Quarantine Challenges

The Paducah Area Painters Alliance is a group of artists that show their work at the PAPA Gallery in Paducah KY. 

We enjoy 'meeting' them through their work, and hope you will too! 
Full and ongoing exhibit: The PAPA Gallery Quarantine Challenge

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun
"Jess and Chad at Emerald Isle"
watercolor, 8x12
by John McLaren


     Reflections Cindy    

Charcoal, 12x17
 by Cindy McLaren

ReflectionsJohn       Reflections2

6 1/2 x 12 1/2 and 6x8
by John McLaren

Touch of Gold

A Touch of Gold

Watercolor/Gold Leaf, 5 x 7 1/2
by John McLaren

Outside My Window

Ouside My Window     Outside My Window2    

Watercolors, 9x14
by John McLaren

Quarantine Blues

Quarantine Blues       Betty     

Watercolors, 10x9/ 11x9
by John McLaren

Familiar Comforts


"Just Draw"
Graphite, 17x14
by Cindy McLaren

Artists inspire us, challenge us, humble us, and help us grow.  
Art is contagious ~ Art heals
John and Cindy McLaren

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